Monday, September 16, 2019

Week of Fun at John C. Campbell Folk School

My three baskets - black straps can be added
to the center basket when it is used as a backpack

The week of Sept 8-14 Julie was an instructor 
teaching a quilting class 
and I took a class in basket making. 

The basket class was great!  

Susan Taylor the instructor and 
John Roller the assistant 
exceeded my expectations for the class.  

They must have spent days preparing for the class 
to make the class a success for all nine students.  

THANK YOU Susan and John!

Below is a photo of the class with our completed baskets,
and a photo of Susan and John. 

(photos should supersize if double clicked)

After getting home I removed the straps 
and put a finishing protective spray coating 
of satin clear coat (Valspar topcoat)
on my baskets to keep them clean longer.


Nancy said...

I linked over from Exuberant Color blog- these are truly beautiful baskets. Well done!

Millie said...

I love baskets. And bowls. As you know. Good for you for doing something WAY different! I've always believed any kind of creative work helps you do what you do better.