Friday, April 27, 2018

Week at Arrowmont

I spent the week of April 15, 2018
at Arrowmont  with 10 other woodturners. 

There was no special class and we were free to do
what we wanted to do and to learn from the other turners.  

Another side benefit to not having a standard class
was not having any food service.

We took turns and cooked for ourselves. 

The food was outstanding!  

What did I do in the studio? 

Well, I tried something new. 

I used the book Woodturning Full Circle
and treated the book like I was taking a class. 

Following are my results.

The first learning projects were three Ribbon Streptohedrons.

I added magnets to the ends of one
so it could be used for paperclips.

I embellished these with pyrography on all surfaces.

Next I completed a ribbon knot and made it into a stabile.  

The ribbon knot can be placed on the hanger
in an infinite number of positions. 


My last item was a Marble-Run Streptohedron. 

The project included also making the required tools. 

For being the first one I have made I am pleased. 

I know the second one will be an even greater success.

* * *

And in case you were wondering,
I'm already signed up to participate again next year!

Friday, March 9, 2018

Circle of Retirement

15.5 inches tall
Circle is 14 inches in diameter

Flats on the circle and ribbon are 1.5 inches

Tuesday, January 23, 2018

Oh Why, Oh Why

Paulownia tomentosa
(common names include princess tree ,foxglove tree, 
empress tree, or kiri)

Hollow Form 9" diameter x 11" tall

Total height with finial is 12-3/4"

Story behind the piece's name:

A man planted one of these trees
only to discover that it was a very invasive variety . . .

 . . . and as the tree grew faster and faster,
the man was heard to lament 
"Oh why, oh why, did I EVER plant that tree?!?!?!"

Laminated finial made with black limba and black veneer.

Additional Discovery

Hard Maple

Inspired by a Pima Native American Tray.

Tray is 12 1/2 " diameter and 1 3/4" tall.



Sunday, December 31, 2017

Someday Is Now

Redwood burl with African Blackwood and copper wire. 

Hollow form is 6.5" in diameter and 6" tall.

Total height is 14 inches. 

Wednesday, December 27, 2017

Wood Baseballs

Nineteen wood baseballs and one purple ball. 

The baseballs are all around 2 7/8" in diameter. 

The seams and stitching 
were created using pyrography.

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Captured Golf Balls

I know many other people have done this with square blocks of wood. 

However, I have never seen it done in the round using a lathe. 
Therefore, I thought I would take a shot at it.

After several R&D tests and
the typical learning curve, there was success.

Each is made from one piece of Hard Maple turned on the lathe.

A small router mounted on the lathe with a 1/4" cutter
is used to make the openings. 

The balls were inserted using woodturner's magic
followed by the finishing process.

Tuesday, July 25, 2017


I spent a week or so reclaiming my shop
and preparing for a demo for the 
Mid-South Woodturners Guild.

Setting up my demo gear this way
made it very easy to move the items
from my car to the meeting room and back.

(yes, everything fit in my Honda sedan)

pieces to be used during the demo

My demo topic was reciprocating carving.

Thanks to Mike Maffitt for these two action shots
taken during the demo itself.

These were my finished samples

Two sets of double-ended candlesticks.

One end holds tapers and the other end holds tea lights.

My signature wrinkle carving was done 
using a 70-degree V gouge.

The candlesticks measure 4" tall.

Sunday, December 18, 2016

2016 MSWG Holiday Potluck

Double-click to supersize the photo

During the annual Mid-South Woodturners Guild
Holiday Potluck gathering on Dec. 17th,
I was surprised to be recognized for service to the club
and awarded this beautiful platter.


Tuesday, November 8, 2016

More Boxes for Beads of Courage

Five more lidded boxes for 
the Mid-South Woodturners Guild
Beads of Courage donation project.

The lids are reversible.

I created these as part of my
demonstration on segmented boxes
presented during MSWG's Oktoberfest 2016.

You can view the You Tube video 
from that presentation 

Side view of finished boxes.

View of floating box bottom.

You can read more about the
Beads of Courage program HERE.

Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Just For Fun

One dozen wood baseballs

Detail photo 1

Detail photo 2

Monday, September 26, 2016

New Discovery

Front of platter

New Discovery

13.5" diameter

Back of platter

Hard Maple

Inspired by a Pima Native American basket

(reminder - double click to supersize photos)

Detail photo of the rim

Outdoor photo - front of platter

Friday, August 26, 2016

Boxes for Beads of Courage

Double click photos to super-size

These four lidded boxes will be donated to
the Beads of Courage program
through the Mid-South Woodturner's Guild.

(CLICK HERE for bowl/box making information)

Each Quilted Maple segmented box measures 
7.25 inches in diameter by 5.5 inches overall height.

The boxes from MSWG
will be donated to the
Beads of Courage program
here in Memphis.

For more information on Beads of Courage,
please CLICK HERE.

Friday, May 27, 2016

Published in American Woodturner

My Multiaxis Tablet Stand article has been published
in the June 2016 issue of American Woodturner.

(Vol. 31, no. 3 - Journal of the American Association of Woodturners)

And what an honor to have it published
in the issue celebrating AAW's 30th anniversary.

This is Julie's iPad resting against the top level of her prop stand.

This photo shows her iPad resting on one of the lower levels.

(overhead lighting can cause glare -
 the multiaxis design allows for different screen angles)

These tablet stands were finished using 
Annie Sloan chalk paint and clear wax.

Thank you AAW for sharing my article with your readers.

Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Seven More Baseballs

Four more maple baseballs nested in a persimmon bowl.

(the other three have already been gifted)