Saturday, May 31, 2014

Feathers for Millie

Front view

11.5" diameter basket illusion platter

unknown wood - turned dry

Pima Indian inspired design

Back view

Why Feathers for Millie?

My wife's friend Lynne has a tuxedo cat named Millie.

Lynne adopted Millie after the formerly feral kitten was hit by a car
and rescued by the kindness of a diverse group of cat bloggers.

(this link takes you to a perfect example)

Birds have feathers . . . 

1/8th inch beading

(Photos will supersize if double clicked)

Second Chance

Natural edge ash - turned green

Chalk paint finish

Lacing done using artificial sinew

Why the name Second Chance?

Just after I finished turning the bowl, 
I dropped it and it broke.

Rather than throw away the pieces,
I took advantage of the unexpected design opportunity.

Measures 15" wide (end to end) by 13" wide (across).

4.75" deep

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

The Big Ash Bowl

Bowl measures 16" across by 6" deep