Saturday, August 24, 2013

Recent Bottlestoppers

Stainless steel stopper with Wenge "finial"
(turned, burned, painted, waxed)

Measures 5" tall.

This piece earned a red ribbon at the 2013 Delta Fair.

Stainless steel stopper made with African Blackwood
and one of my signature "frayed finials."

Measures 9" wide by 9" tall.

This piece earned a white ribbon at the 2013 Delta Fair.

An Interactive Bottle Stopper

Inspired by Paramount's 1979 movie - Star Trek, The Motion Picture

Stainless steel stopper with ebony
and assorted findings.

most folks don't seem to "get" this interactive
bottle stopper.

In the movie, VGER  
(short for Voyager 6)
gathered intelligence and matter during its voyage through the universe,
much as this bottle stopper has gathered unrelated bits and pieces.

* * *

Stoppers created as part of a challenge for members of the

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