Sunday, April 21, 2013

Pecan Bowl - New Life for Old Wood

In the late 1950s near Pittsburgh,
woodworker Sam Turner 
made a weighty solid-pecan bench.

Over time, the bench moved from 
my grandparents' house to my mother's house.

When she moved from PA to TN, 
the bench came with her.

When she no longer needed the bench,
it came to live at our house.

We have tried  
over, and over, 
and over again
to find 
"just the right spot"
for the bench.

That spot has never been found.

However, the wood in the bench lives on.

This pecan bowl measures 11.25" across by 2.75" deep.

The wide rim measures 1.75"

55 years later, the bench lives on.

Sam T. would be pleased.

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