Sunday, December 30, 2012

Forest Fire


Oak hollow form
with double opening
Torch finish
12 inch diameter
9 inches high
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Custom Made Pizza Cutter

Wood Handle:
African Padauk 
Scientific Name:
Pterocarpus soyauxii
Central and tropical west Africa
Tree Size:
100-130 ft.
Handle was made extra long to use two hands.
Design is for those who have strength problems
with their hands and/or wrists.

Ruler added to help visualize actual size.


Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Ornament 2012

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Holly hollow form

Pierced and air brushed/painted

Base paint is Wicked Colors Crimson
with a very light top coat of Interference purple
(gives it a subtle glistening quality in sunlight)

The small finial inside is ebony.

Gifted to our daughter in law

H 5”
Dia max 2 ¼”

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

MSWG Holiday Gathering 2012

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held their annual holiday gathering last weekend.

Good conversation, good food, and great artwork.

* * *

I participated in the "gift swap."
(bring a wrapped turned item /  get a wrapped turned item)

The wrapped gift I chose from the table
was made by Keith Burns.

(shown above on the left)

* * *

Then came the auction to raise funds for the guild.

I bid on and won two pieces --

The ornament was made by our guild president, Skip Wilbur,
and features a Celtic cross made of Purple Heart.

(shown above, center)

The carved vessel was made by Dennis Paullus
using a fabulous piece of maple.

(shown above on the right)

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Persimmon - Post 3 of 3

These candle holders (3.5" to 6" in height)
were made by chainsawing the Persimmon logs 
into sections roughly 20" long by
half the original 12" diameter of the log. 
Using a bandsaw,
the short sections were rough cut into blanks. 
The blanks were prepared for drying
and air dried for four months.  
The candle holders each received one coat of gloss urethane resin finish
followed by six coats of wipe-on satin urethane resin finish.
Frosted glass votive holders shown here using tea light candles.

Persimmon - Post 2 of 3

Persimmon Bowl No. 1
8.25" diameter x 4" tall

Persimmon Bowl No. 2
9" diameter x 3.5" tall

Persimmon Bowl No. 3
9" diameter x 3.25" tall
Each bowl received one coat of gloss urethane resin finish
followed by five coats of wipe-on satin urethane resin finish.

I also made four unique persimmon bottle stoppers.
Finished using a special Walnut oil 
considered the premium oil finish for wood
 and not typically used on bottle stoppers
because of high cost, both in product and time. 
Brass thread inserts allow
for removal and washing of
the stainless steel stopper. 
(please see next post for additional persimmon pieces)

Persimmon - Post 1 of 3

July 2012
Logs from a recently-cut Persimmon tree that died of old age.
(estimated at just over 100 year old) 
These were given to me by a local attorney
as a commission / challenge:
"Maybe you can make some candlesticks
or something else functional."
(The tree came from his grandparents' farm,
which has now been restored as his family's country house.)
The logs were cut with a chainsaw into short sections
roughly 12 inches long and half of the original 12" diameter. 
Using a bandsaw, the short sections
were then rough cut into round blanks. 
The rough round blanks were
turned on the lathe into bowl blanks.
  The turned bowl blanks were treated for bugs,
then prepared for drying.
The air drying process took 4 months. 
It should be noted that Persimmon is a very challenging wood
to work with because of its tendency to crack during the drying process. 
For this reason, bowls made of Persimmon are uncommon. 

December 2012
(see next post for more about these pieces)


Saturday, December 8, 2012

French Rolling Pins

Made from Goncalo Alves
20" long
Finish - Walnut Oil
Thank you Dennis Paullus
for showing me this wonderful design.